Online Marketing

To be able to say that a website is successful, apart from its modern design and functional structure, it should achieve top position in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.).

In order to be able to attract as many prospective customers a website needs to be optimized and promoted in the most effective way possible.

To achieve this:

  • We optimize the content of webpages (SEO)
  • We manage online advertising campaigns (Google Adwords)
  • We manage social media (Facebook, Twitter, κτλ.)
  • We create and send regularly distributed publications via newsletter and email
  • We design our clients corporate identity

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

seo keywordsThe optimization of a website consists of all those techniques that need to be used so as for it to appear as high as possible in search engine results for the keywords that we have selected.
If we are to achieve high numbers of visitors, our website must appear in the 1st page of results for the phrase or keywords of interest.
To achieve this, both technical and content changes are needed in a repeatable process over time.

Google AdWords Campaigns

PPC-spendingOne of the most efficient ways of promoting your website and thus your business is by creating an advertisement in Google AdWords. In the advertising campaign we select keywords for which your website will appear in the right column or on top of the search results.
The results are immediate, while the cost is determined by you and is predictable as you are charged per click each time a user visits your website (Pay Per Click).

We handle your advertising campaigns with Google AdWords by selecting the most effective keywords for your website, determining the appropriate cost per click and daily budget, saving you money while achieving great results.

Social Media Marketing & Campaigns

social-cubeSocial media marketing refers primarily to the use of social media (facebook, twitter, google +, etc.) which can be used as promotional tools and services in a very efficient way to enhance your business's promotion on the Internet.

Advertising on Facebook:
You can advertise your business through targeted campaigns on Facebook, the largest social network which is daily used by millions of people, with the ability to choose the demographic characteristics of your target group so that your advertising investment has the maximum return.

We assume the creation of profiles on all social networks, the renewal of their content, the designing and management of advertising campaigns.

Email-MarketingNewsletter & E-Mail Marketing

We assume the editing and sending of Newsletters and Emails for you and your website, so as to keep your customers informed in all times and maintain a solid relationship with them. Email campaigns are easily and quickly created and constitute one of the best, most economical and efficient tools for promoting products and services.

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity forms the image of your company towards your partners and customers. It is the means by which you communicate and on which you rely to transmit the style of your company, its activities, its objectives, its philosophy.
We design integrated corporate identities for our customers starting from the design of the logo, business card, brochures, advertisements in magazines, signs, etc..